User guide

User guide


1.How to use our equipment

〇Faculty members (instructors) of user departments of HVEM equipment

(1) Submit an equipment usage application form and an equipment usage report
Each fiscal year, an equipment usage application form and an equipment usage report must be submitted. A department must submit an equipment usage application prior to the first usage of HVEM equipment by any user belonging to the department.
* Steering committee of HVEM grants usage permission.
* An applicant may be asked to attend a steering committee meeting for details about their application.
  Download the usage application form  

Users must submit a usage report before the deadline.
* Please note that if a usage report is not submitted, permission to use HVEM equipment may be restricted in the following year.
  Click here for user report  

(2) Usage Fee
To use HVEM equipment, users must pay an equipment usage fee.
  Click here to see the usage fees  

The equipment usage fees are calculated according to the reserved time slot(s) (AM [9:00 to 13:00],
PM [13:00 to 17:00], all day [9:00 to 17:00], or night time [17:00 to 21:00]).

〇For non-faculty member users

Only users with the necessary operational skills may use HVEM equipment. Users must participate in a technical seminar held by HVEM prior to using HVEM equipment.

(1) Technical seminars
Before using our TEMs, users must participate in a technical seminar on electron microscope operations, which is held annually. The technical seminar is composed of a lecture provided by our instructor and hands-on practice using actual equipment provided by our technician.
The fee for the seminar is prescribed in the flyer about the seminar.
Although users can take the hands-on practice session first, they must participate in the lecture session later.
* If a user fails to participate in the lecture, eligibility to use our facilities may be revoked.
* Prior to applying to participate in the seminar, a user’s supervisor must provide permission. If a user participates in the lecture without obtaining permission from their supervisor, their eligibility to use our equipment may be revoked.
  Download the seminar application form  

II. SEM or sample preparing equipment
Technical seminars on SEM or sample preparing equipment are held upon request at any time.
* Requests for the seminar by those not intending to use HVEM’s SEM or sample preparing equipment upon completion may be declined.
Users do not have to pay additional fees aside from the device usage fee payable for the reserved time slot.
  Contact for SEM or sample preparing equipment  

(2) Reservation for equipment usage
To make an equipment reservation, a user must send us an email indicating the desired usage date(s) and time slot(s) (AM [9:00 to 13:00], or PM [13:00 to 17:00], or all day [9:00 to 17:00]).
We review all applications submitted before noon on the Friday of the preceding week. Equipment is allocated independent of the order that applications are received. The allocations (reservations) are communicated via email. Applications submitted after Friday noon of the preceding week will be examined according to the order received.
* If a user needs assistance for usage of equipment from our staff, it should be noted in the reservation request email for the equipment. If the need for assistance is not indicated in the reservation request email, assistance may not be provided.
* A department may not be allowed to make a reservation for equipment usage if the department has not submitted an equipment usage application form.
* If a department fails to submit a usage report after using any equipment, the department may not be allowed to make a reservation for equipment usage in the following fiscal year.
* If a user is a no show for their reservation without advance notice of cancelation, the user may lose future eligibility to use HVEM equipment.
* When many applications are submitted to use sample preparing equipment, priority is given to those planning to use our equipment for observations and analyses.

(3) Usage of Equipment
Users must follow the safety precautions described in the manual distributed during the technical seminar to avoid damage or failure of HVEM equipment. Users must record their usage in the logbook installed at the laboratory room. In the “usage time” field of the logbook, the actual time the equipment was operated should be entered.

2.Joint Research

If you desire to conduct a joint research with HVEM, please contact us via the following link.
  Contact for SEM or sample preparing equipment  

3.Outsourced analyses

We accept outsourced analyses, where our staff member(s) operate equipment to perform designated analyses. For such outsourced analyses, both an equipment use fee and additional support fee are required. In general, requests for outsourced analysis by other organizations within Nagoya University are accepted under certain conditions. If you wish to outsource analysis to us, please inquire with your supervisor faculty member before making a request.
  Contact for outsourced analysis  

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