High Voltage Electron Microscope Laboratory

Introduction to research equipment
Reaction Science high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscope JEM-1000K RS

JEM-1000K RS Nagoya University was the first in the nation to adopt a 500,000-volt electron microscope in 1965; this was followed by a 1 million-volt microscope and a 1.25 million-volt ultra−high voltage electron microscope successively. In 2010, the university installed a new type of reaction science ultra-high voltage scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM). A combination of gas environment cell and electron beam probe, the new reaction science ultra-high voltage STEM is equipped with new functions such as 3-dimensional observation and STEM/EELS elemental analysis. The combination of a STEM with a large capacity gas cell enables in situ observations of catalytic reactions, cell reactions, chemical reactions, and 3-dimensional observations of thick specimens. The device holds promise for practical research that has hitherto not been regarded as possible.
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