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1.Participation in seminars on electron microscopes

You are welcome to use our electron microscopes after training of requidred operation.

Before using the facilities, the following lectures/seminars must be taken at your expense.
A seminar is held at our facilities once a year (this includes explanations by one of our instructors and hands-on practice using actual equipment with assistance from technicians).

Those who would like to use the equipment, but are unable to participate in the seminar, can take the practical training portion first. Contact us for details. Students, in particular, should contact us for a consultation together with their teachers.
  Download seminar application form  

2.Application for permission to use equipment

  • After completing the seminar, please send the application to us as an email attachment.
    ※An application form should be submitted for each year. Application forms will not be accepted from users who have not taken the seminar. You should first apply to participate in the seminar.
  • A separately established equipment usage fee shall be required of users. Details concerning payment methods shall be provided separately.
usage fees:coming soon ※Contact us for details.
  • Equipment usage applications are used by our staff to determine whether or not permission to use the equipment will be granted. The applicant may be asked to attend the application examination to answer questions about how they plan to use the equipment.

3.Reservation for equipment usage

Those who have been granted permission to use the equipment should contact us by email specifying their desired time slot (Morning: 9:00 to 13:00; Afternoon: 13:00 to 17:00; All Day: 9:00 to 17:00). Each user will be contacted by us concerning their usage time allotment.

4.Time for equipment usage

・Users can reserve private use of the equipment for a half day (4 h) or a full day (8 h).
・A fee shall be collected according to the amount of time the user occupies (reserves) the equipment. The fee does not apply to the amount of time the equipment is operated.

5.Entry of usage log

・Be sure to enter the required information in the usage log near the equipment.
・Enter not only the time the equipment is occupied (reserved) but also the time the equipment is actually operated.

6.Submission of equipment usage report

A usage report should be submitted each year.
※If the usage report cannot be submitted, subsequent usage in the following year may be limited.
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